Maltreated prisoners of war, prisoners of conscience rotting in Ukrainian detention centers

In the past two weeks, the United States and NATO countries have opened still another line of attack on Russia in their ongoing high pitch information war:  the seizure by the Russian navy of three Ukrainian vessels attempting unsanctioned entry to the Kerch Straits, together with the arrest of their crews who have been treated medically, as necessary, and dispatched to a prison in Moscow for interrogation.

In light of the sound and fury over the Ukrainian sailors,  it seems to me that the moment is especially opportune to bring to the attention of the world community, and in particular to the attention of Amnesty International,  the Council of Europe and other institutions and political forces defending the cause of human rights the following inhumane treatment by the government in Kiev of prisoners of war and prisoners of conscience.  Here the objective is not to score propaganda points but to secure urgently needed assistance to named individuals currently in Ukrainian detention centers.

As happens in cases like this, I received the list from friends of friends serving in the Moscow embassy of an EU country. Accordingly I have every reason to believe in its accuracy and impartiality.

List of prisoners of war and political prisoners in Ukraine who are in need of urgent medical assistance and material aid

1. Medical care is not being provided.2. Their cases are not really being examined by the courts. The cases are being transferred from tribunal to tribunal, where the court sessions only consider the question of extending the preventive detention measures.3. Complaints have been filed with international organizations with respect to numerous violations of human rights law, namely :  abuse of power of the forces of law and order, violations during the examination of files by the judges (at all stages of the judicial proceedings). Ukrainian government authorities have responded in a formalistic manner and propose to investigate the violations (practically none of these cases has been brought to trial).


Last name, first name Date of birth Place of arrest and articles of the Ukrainian Criminal Code mentioned in the charges filed Circumstances of the detention State of health

Alexey Sergeevich

10.10.1979 Sentenced to 11 years in prison

Art. 258-3 part. 1, Art. 28 part. 2

Art. 437 part. 2, Art 263 part. 1

Captured and gravely wounded near the lines of demarcation, during inspection of the implementaiton of the Minsk Accords. Tortured and refused medical assistance. Urgently in need of surgeryt.

Ruslan Bronislavovich

25.12.1973 Odessa – Temporary Detention Center Acute pain in the vertical column (lumbar region);  cardiovascular and gastro-intestinal pain.

Vladislav Ruslanovich

24.04.1996 Odessa – Penal Institution No. 24

Art. 258 part. 3,4, Art. 113 – Art. 263 Arrested on 05/07/2015

Torture Cerebral lesions.

Denis Vassilievich

28.04.1977 Odessa – Temporary Detention Center. Art. 111 part.1

Arrested on 19.03.2017

Torture Gastro-intestinal illness(gastritis)

Failing eyesight


Elena Grigorievna

26.04.1972 Odessa – Temporary Detention Center

Art. 111 part.1

Arrested on 19.03.2017


Subjected to physical and psychological abuse.

Persons close to him have received death threats. .

Was forced to sign confessions

Respiratory system ailment (oblation of a lung)

Valery Valerievich

19.07.1975 Odessa – Temporary Detention Center

Art. 111 part.1, Art. 263

Arrested on 19.03.2017

Physical force used during his arrest. Illegal seizure of property (gold and silver jewelry belonging to his aged mother. Stomach ulcers

Piotr Nikolaevich

12.07.1972 Odessa – Temporary Detention Center.

Art. 111 part.1, Art. 263

Arrested on 19.03.2017

Physical force used during his arrest.  Citizen of the Republic of Moldova. According to the provisions of the law. art. 111 cannot be applied to foreign citizens.

Mekhty Féofanovich

21.05.1934 Art. 111 part.1



Evgueny Sergeevich

1969 Odessa – Temporary Detention Center  No.21 – Art. 258

Ivan Konstantinovich

06.02.1981 Odessa – Temporary Detention Center No. 21

Art. 258-3 part.1

Art. 263 part.1

Interned since 11.10.2017

Stomach ulcers, chronic illness of  duodenum, urinary lithiasis.

Urgently needs treatment


Oleg Vladimirovich

02.08.1965 Odessa – Temporary Detention Center No. 21

Art. 258-3 part.1, Art. 113,

Art. 263.  Interned since 2015

Acute infection of lymph ganglions, oedema in limbs, astro-intestinal illness.

Aleksandr Ivanovich

03.08.1966 Odessa – Temporary Detention Center  No. 21

Art. 111

Interned since 27.05.2018

Was arrested on 27.05.2018 by the Ukrainian Security Service on suspicion of collaboration with the Russian FSB.

Sergey Aleksandrovich

27.10.1986 Kharkov – Temporary Detention Center. Art. 258 part.3, Art.263


Physical force used during the arrest and during the interrogation.



Vladimir Nikolaevich

13.06.1978 Kharkov – Penal Colony No. 43 – Art. 258 part.3

Art. 263 part.1

Interned since 26.02.2015

Physical force used during the arrest. Under torture was forced to admit to having committed a terrorist act in Kharkov. Brain concussion



Viktor Viktorovich

05.05.1982 Kharkov – Penal Colony No. 43

Art. 258 part.3, Art. 263 part.1

Interned since 26.02.2015

Physical force used during the arrest.

Mock execution during his arrest.



Vyachelav Aleksandrovich

19.10.1975 Kharkov –Temporary Detention  Center.


Arrested without witnesses present. Valuables were stolen during the arrest. Subjected to torture. Critically ill. Before the arrest, he was wounded in the head and vertebral column during a car accident. Requires treatment. Pain in the head and spine.

Vyachelav Viktorovich

12.11.1981 Kharkov – Penal colony

Art. 250 part.8, Art. 263, Art.258

Physical and psychological pressure.

Confession made under torture.


Sergey Aleksandrovich

29/01/1980 Kharkov – Temporary Detention Center.