Dacha Tales: Life in the Russian Hinterland

Further to my recent post ‘Publish or Perish,” my wife’s latest book has just been put up on amazon.com and will be available in a day or two from all their national websites as well as on all leading online book retailers. Larisa Zalesova, “Dacha Tales: Life in the Russian Hinterland.” Enter the author and title in the Amazon search box to arrive at the book’s web page

This book in the travel genre follows the tradition of Peter Mayle’s “A Year in Provence.” The territory to the south of St Petersburg may not have vineyards or haute cuisine village restaurants, but the local folks are as eccentric and charming as any of Mayle’s neighbors, and on a hot summer’s day the mood and the dress of those making their way to the lake at the edge of town is straight out of a Chekhov play.

Hard bound and e-book formats to be offered shortly.

Also today, a Russian language edition entitled Долгая дорога на дачу has been put on sale by amazon. 

This is in paperback only for the moment.  In a couple of weeks the e-book version will be posted on the sites of many online retailers (though not amazon, for technical reasons). That will have the especially attractive price of $3.99 and is directed to the audience in the Russian Federation.

Have a good read!

©Gilbert Doctorow, 2020