Bringing Belarus Closer: Interview with Belarus Radio – Television

Bringing Belarus Closer: Interview aired on Belarus Radio-Television

As I remarked last week with regard to TRT World, it is a pleasure to see the emergence of high quality English language global broadcasting from countries which never enjoyed a place on the dais hogged by CNN and the BBC.

Today I share with you the link to a 15-minute interview on the Belarus confrontation with Europe hosted by Belarus Radio & Television.  In an unhurried manner, I was allowed to cover the waterfront of issues behind the news of the Belarus – Polish showdown over migrants, and to put in context the geopolitical situation of Minsk that underlies US and EU efforts to make of the country a second front in their efforts to “contain” Russia by whatever means at their disposal, even at the risk of all-out war.

In particular I was able to call attention to the time dimensions that are missing from all mainstream media coverage. Our journalists tend to stay within the living memory of their profession, meaning, generally, what happened yesterday. Opinion page political scientists bring in their own more retrospective views going back perhaps ten years. And then there is the historical perspective, which I am adding, showing that, in the given case today’s disputes have a time line that goes back four hundred years or more.

I note that no cuts whatsoever to the taped interview were made by the studio’s editors during production. This amounts to an exceptional level of respect for the interviewee. I assure you that anyone given the microphone by CNN will be lucky to see 5 minutes out of 60 actually aired following cuts to find just the remarks that match the corporate political line.

©Gilbert Doctorow, 2021