First full review of the Russian language edition of “Russia in the Roaring 1990s”

I am pleased to share with readers of my articles a just posted full review of the Russian language edition of my diaries and memoirs Россия в бурные 1990е: Дневники, воспоминания, документы as published in November 2021 by Liki Rossii, St Petersburg.

This 780 page hard bound book represents the full text of Volume II of the original English edition published in the USA, integrated with the narrative and selected diary entries from the English language Volume I.  It has a photo-montage insert illustrating key moments in the narrative. A selection of these photos has been included in the book review.  The Russian edition also has a very useful Index of Names, which facilitates navigation for browsers.

To a large degree my memoirs-diaries were prepared for publication with an eye to the potential audience in Russia, where most any educated person over the age of 50 will know very well the personalities in political, business and cultural life who populate my text. The book reviewer is one such person. As for the English-language edition, that has already attracted readers in the academic community of historians of Russia, though hopefully, the value to students of business management in developing markets will eventually also be appreciated.