Iran state television’s international service: more even-handed than the BBC?


For those whose first thoughts of Iran are formed by recollection of Ayatollahs, of alleged state support for terrorism and of power plays in the Middle East, allow me to give you a needed jolt.

Last night I had the pleasure of participating in a half-hour feature news program of Press TV, which broadcasts internationally in English and French.  The  subject of our “debate” or more properly speaking “discussion,” was  the U.S. diplomatic moves of the previous couple of days with respect to China (the Blinken delegation to Anchorage) and to Russia (President Biden’s designation of Vladimir Putin as a ‘killer’).

The producers had sagely invited for the interview an expert on China based in Budapest, Hungary and an expert on Russia, myself, based in Brussels.  I leave it to you to judge the quality of Iranian journalism that we see in the program. I will only remark that the choice of my counterpart was quite remarkable given that Iran was the host of our talk:  Mr. Szamuely very plainly is a strong supporter of Donald Trump, who had been fairly vicious in his treatment of Tehran during his four years in office. So be it.

One thought on “Iran state television’s international service: more even-handed than the BBC?

  1. I have followed Mr. Szamuely for some time on RT, and I am not aware of him presenting himself as a “supporter” for Mr. Trump, rather as one who can differentiate between the positive sides of Trumps efforts – however much they failed, mostly through his choice of personnel – to reduce foreign interventions and critique of NATO his negative stance towards China and his interference in places the US sees as its own backyard.


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