Turkish Public Broadcasting panel discussion of EU policy towards Belarus

TRT World:  “The Newsmakers” 22 November 2021

Yesterday I had the privilege to participate in a TRT-hosted panel discussion devoted to the virtual conference on coordination of EU sanctions against President Lukashenko convened in Vienna by Chancellor Schallenberg.

Global political, economic and military power have all undergone de-concentration and moved away from U.S. hegemony in the past few years.  Quality news channels in English serving global audiences have also developed apace in a number of countries which in the past never sought audiences outside their borders. TRT World, based in Istanbul, is a case in point as the program link below illustrates.


One thought on “Turkish Public Broadcasting panel discussion of EU policy towards Belarus

  1. Gilbert Doctorow’s TRT-videotape comments on Belarus remind me of Dmitri Trenin’s remarks about Ukraine:
    “… seeing Ukraine turn into a U.S.-controlled unsinkable aircraft carrier parked on Russia’s border just a few hundred miles from Moscow—an apt comparison by my Carnegie colleagues in Washington—is no more acceptable to the Kremlin than that other unsinkable aircraft carrier, Cuba, was to the White House almost sixty years ago.”
    (see https://carnegiemoscow.org/commentary/85827 ).


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