You won’t know what hit you and why

In recent days, in what is surely a coordinated action by NATO and European authorities acting hand in glove, Russian news broadcasters have been taken off servers in Europe and effectively made inaccessible to the entire European public.  This modern day “jamming” concerns not just RT or Sputnik, the best known state owned voices of Russia because they broadcast in English and other languages that we all know, but virtually every news outlet based in Russia, public and privately owned, and broadcasting in the Russian language.

In this regard, EU Member States are waging an Information War of greatest significance that is absolutely not mentioned, let alone discussed in Western media, whether mainstream or otherwise. The victim is the European public, which, if bad turns to worse, will not know what hit them and why when cruise or hypersonic missiles descend on NATO bases or infrastructure. This enforced silence prevents Western civil society from taking any steps to save its own neck in what have become wartime conditions on the Continent.

The blockage is not uniformly enforced at all times, so that some Russian print and video producers can be accessed at one moment or another before going black.

In particular, one vitally important 3.30 minute video of Russian military spokesman Igor Konoshenkov yesterday and this morning remains accessible on youtube. I will detail below what he was saying, because the messenger and the message concern whether you and I will live to see another day.

Konoshenkov’s points in this video were the following:

1) Russia has now destroyed the entire Ukrainian air force that remained within the confines of Ukraine

2) There are also Ukrainian fighter jets that left the country and are now parked in Romania and other neighboring countries. If these planes are allowed by local authorities to take off from Romania, etc. and enter Ukrainian air space, Russia will consider the country from which they took off as a co-belligerent and will take appropriate action against them. The subtext is that Russia is ready to make missile strikes against NATO airfields that transgress the rules of war.

3) Russia is now about to destroy all military industrial complex factories in Ukraine and has formally warned all employees of these factories to leave the premises and stay away

4) Russia has received documentation from Ukrainian health authorities on the production of biological weapons  (anthrax, Siberian plague and much more) by Ukrainian labs in Kharkiv and elsewhere in cooperation with the United States. Stocks of such weapons were being stored in direct violation of international conventions.  On 24 February, in advance of the start of Russia’s ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine, the Ukrainian health authorities destroyed these illicit biological weapons. However, Russia has obtained the official documentation certifying this destruction of what should never have been there. Moscow is now studying this documentation, which indicates United States participation in the development of the biological weapons and will publish the incriminating documents, starting from yesterday.

5) Russia has also obtained documentation proving that Ukraine, in cooperation with the United States, was since the presidency of Petro Petrushenko, actively developing nuclear weapons, including “dirty” nuclear devices using readily available fuel from its reactors.  Such activity was going on in the Zaporozhye nuclear plants, and it is very likely that the fire reported at a ‘training unit’ adjacent to an active reactor two days ago related to destruction of incriminating papers, if it was not otherwise a ‘false flag’ operation to allege a Russian attack on the power station, in violation of international law.

From this list, the most threatening to European peace in the immediate days ahead is point 2, regarding Ukrainian aircraft based outside of Ukraine and being assigned missions to fly back into Ukrainian air space to thwart Russia’s ongoing military offensive.  This bears directly on the patently insane plans of Secretary of State Blinken to allow the Poles to transfer to Kiev, its stock of Soviet era MIGs for missions into Ukraine.

As regards American involvement in the illicit production of biological weapons and of dirty or other types of nuclear arms, we may expect very heated discussions in the United Nations and other forums in coming days.

In the context of the Russian recovery of incriminating documentation that exposes foreign aiders and abetters of Ukraine’s hoped for but not yet achieved production of weapons of mass destruction, it is entirely possible that this explains the sudden and unanticipated flight to Moscow of Israel’s President Bennett two days ago for urgent consultations with President Putin. So far accusations of foreign participation are directed solely against the United States.

The link to Konoshenkov’s briefing yesterday afternoon (only in Russian language):

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28 thoughts on “You won’t know what hit you and why

  1. Russia Today ist in deutscher Sprache über den Tor-Browser oder einen VPN-Server problemlos zu erreichen. Ebenso kann SNA (ehemals Sputnik) in deutscher Sprache über Telegram erreicht werden 🙂
    Wie ich schon in einem Leserbrief geschrieben habe. Für Russland geht es um ALLES. Heute, nach 642 Jahren führt Russland erneut eine Schlacht auf dem Kulikowo Pole. Die Mongolen der heutigen Zeit sind die religionslosen, gottlosen barbarischen Finanzoligarchen der angloamerikanischen Welt. Ich wiederhole; es geht um ALLES, nicht nur für Russland, auch für uns im Westen, sofern wir noch Werte vertreten wie Religion, christlich-abendländische Philosophie, Literatur und Musik, Familie, Brauchtum und Tradition, Heimat und Muttersprache.

    Folgender Gedanke mag dem Reich der Verschwörungtheorien angehören. Aber ist es nicht auffallend, dass jetzt, da das Lügengebäude der geplanten und als Staatsstreich von oben gegen das Volk gerichteten Coronapandemie in sich zusammenbricht, die angloamerikanischen Finanzoligarchen die Ukraine zum Krieg gegen Russland aufgestachelt haben? Die Angloamerikaner wussten, dass Russland sich dagegen wehren muss. Jetzt ist der Krieg für die City of London und die Wallstreet wunschgemäß eingetreten.

    Spirituell sind die westlichen Gesellschaften schon vor Jahren komplett zusammengebrochen. Mit der Ausrede zunächst der Coronakrise und jetzt des Krieges kann die Bilderberger-Elite die Verantwortung für den ökonomischen und sozialen Zusammenbruch der westlichen Gesellschaften einem äußeren Feind zuschieben. Auch für die Bilderberger-Elite geht es um ALLES. Die Bilderberger-Elite weiss, wenn sie den Krieg verliert, wird sie vom aufwachenden Volk gelyncht werden. Ich vermute, dieser Krieg ist das Endspiel.

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  2. If the only thing that will prevent nuclear war is the exposure of the depravity of the United States accompanied by mea culpa, there will be nuclear war. From a very slightly different perspective, what is truly astounding about Russia’s military operation in Ukraine is the unflinching support of China and India. So, we must add, in the spirit of “eliminate the impossible” unhinged to depraved, making “assurance doubly sure” there will be nuclear war.
    Can anyone save us? Israel could.


  3. Dear Gilbert Doctorow,

    many thanks for your insights!

    I’m sure you’re aware, but if not, there are ways to circumvent the cencorship. RT reported about it.

    I personally prefer the Canadian tool psiphon developed to counter cencorship in Iran, China, Russia, etc. – pure irony!!!

    Keep up the good work!

    Many thanks, Rana Brentjes

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    gilbertdoctorow posted: ” In recent days, in what is surely a coordinated action by NATO and European authorities acting hand in glove, Russian news broadcasters have been taken off servers in Europe and effectively made inaccessible to the entire European public. This “

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  4. My English is not the best. I am therefore writing in German.The following is a machine translation of the above article.

    Russia Today can be easily reached in German via the Tor browser or a VPN server. Likewise, SNA (formerly Sputnik) can be reached in German via Telegram 🙂
    As I wrote in a letter to the editor. For Russia, it is about EVERYTHING. Today, after 642 years Russia is again fighting a battle on Kulikovo Pole. The Mongols of today are the religionless, godless barbarian financial oligarchs of the Anglo-American world. I repeat; it is about EVERYTHING, not only for Russia, also for us in the West, as far as we still represent values like religion, Christian occidental philosophy, literature and music, family, customs and tradition, homeland and mother tongue.

    The following thought may belong to the realm of conspiracy theories. But isn’t it striking that now, when the tissue of lies of the Corona pandemic planned and directed as a coup d’état from above against the people is collapsing, the Anglo-American financial oligarchs have incited Ukraine to war against Russia? The Anglo-Americans knew that Russia would have to fight back. Now the war has occurred wishfully for the City of London and Wall Street.

    Spiritually, Western societies completely collapsed years ago. With the excuse first of the Corona crisis and now of the war, the Bilderberg elite can blame an external enemy for the economic and social collapse of Western societies. For the Bilderberg elite it is also about EVERYTHING. The Bilderberg elite knows that if they lose the war, they will be lynched by the waking people. I suspect this war is the end game.

    Translated with (free version)


  5. The US and its allies are evil. I knew about many of their crimes from previous killing sprees, but didn’t think I’d see this nextdoor to myself. The historian John Lukacs wrote that the end stage of the decomposition of liberal democracy is national socialism. The ‘West’ seems to prove this thesis.

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  6. Am very glad I found this site.

    I am English and our corporate media and politicians here have gone berserk.

    A few people with public profiles such as Peter Hitchens and Russell Brand are taking a more nuanced view but not too many others.

    Zero mainstream reflection on what has provoked this conflict; which is predominantly the west and there is very little thinking about how to end it.

    The fact that western politicians are not pursuing the only smart humanitarian option of negotiating with Russia on the basis of some form of neutrality for Ukraine (that would maybe need Indian / Chinese independent ongoing verification: something that would be anathema to the US) and the carve out of Russian oriented regions, is very telling. It says that they do not really care about Ukraine and her people.

    Instead, they continue to egg Ukraine on in a fight that she cannot win but they (sensibly of course) dare not provide true assistance that might enable her to win. The big danger for the world right now is that the western propaganda war rebounds on the politicians and leads to ill advised escalation to assuage public opinion to be seen to be doing something. I for one do not trust them to resist and am writing to my MP Dominic Raab to make my views very clear.

    I do believe that ultimately this will destroy the US controlled western alliance as it is currently configured. Putin is showing that when push comes to shove the west cannot protect allies, even in Europe. It can name call and propagandize it’s own citizens but not do too much more. Of course, Afghanistan already showed that further afield. Once this settles, if I were Poland or the Baltic States I would be thinking about taking a more neutral position between the two blocs going forward. It will be interesting to see how that plays out – assuming the world gets through this current crisis.

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    1. I think that, whatever success Russia may now achieve, Poland and the Baltic states will be free to choose any bloc they prefer to be part of, and will in any case be safe from attacks of any sort by Russia.

      That, as long as they don’t let “NATO” use their territory to prepare/establish/… labs, facilities, installations, that can be used to strike Russia. That is the whole, and only, point.


  7. What you say about the European internet is of course also true of the internet in the US. Also, the website has been blocked ever since the war began. I have found no way to get full statements and speeches from the Kremlin! I can’t understand why tech-savvy Russians have been unable or uninterested in fixing this.


    1. They can’t “fix” a block imposed on their sites by others.
      You can use a VPN. It’s the system used, by long, by the Chinese who want to browse websites banned in their country.

      The last thing one would ever have expected was to have to have recourse to VPNs in the West.
      As they say, never say never.

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    2. Susan, I just went to the Kremlin site and it’s up, albeit it comes up in Russian. There’s a link to ENGLISH buried in the bottom, for those who want to read in that language. The webmaster should have put inks to ALL major UNO recognised languages, English, French, Spanish, etc. very visibly at the top, but did;t, a signal mistake that should not happen in an advanced nation like Russia.


  8. for anyone interested RT is still available online, both website and RT Live and can be accessed by VPN. some antivirus software may have a VPN included in it, if not there are free ones available but they can be very limited. Its probably worth spending a small amount to purchase from a recognised company. If you search “top rated VPNs” there will be several reviews from tech magazines so you will be able to make a more informed choice. They can cost as little as $5 per month, a few pounds/euros. I have been accessing RT using a VPN choosing columbia as a virtual netlink but it may vary depending on your location. I can also watch many blocked channels elsewhere. RT website seems to be up and running again from UK but no Live video. Haven’t tried Sputnik. Its a handy tool to have as you can gain access to any regional content from any country which is normally not accessible, so that could be anything from Netflix, to movie channels or US talkshows, news etc. worth thinking about as regional access to internet zones will become more rigid over the coming years.


  9. My posted comment with the URL to this news was spam-filtered, thus I’ll share the headline, and the interested may reach the page by a quick search: “30 Biolabs Whose Activities Were Commissioned by Pentagon Were Formed in Ukraine”.


  10. Gilbert Doctorow, a month ir so ago you removed my comment about the West possibly resorting to bioweapons because they could not catch up with Russian missile defense and offence advances.
    I made the comment in response to someone asking “why now”? Why was Russia risking a possible nuclear confrontation now? What had changed, why not let the Collective West collapse on their own? Western leaders have made a splendid job of destroying their industrial base and wealth creation, why risk war?

    Your work is invaluable, a daily “must read”. Your comment section would be a far greater contribution if you were a little less heavy handed.


  11. “This enforced silence prevents Western civil society from taking any steps to save its own neck in what have become wartime conditions on the Continent”.

    Actually, even with timely and complete information civil society would still be powerless. That is because the countries said to be “democracies” are not. Citizens cannot control, or even influence, their rulers.

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  12. There are many other good comments here on the depravity of western elites.
    In the US around me it is surreal – most people believe in disinformation fear and hate narratives.
    US elites are dead-enders that will not give up but will drag all of us down with them.
    The West cannot save itself and it is deep into its self-suicide.

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  13. My only other comment is “France 1870”.

    That was the year that France whipped its population into a frenzy of German hatred and bellicosity that, astonishingly, led France to invade Germany. It did not end well. German troops marching into Paris. Louis Napoleon, the French leader, seeking asylum in England. Tragedy compounding tragedy as the Paris commune, an effort to institute the principles of Communism in the city, was crushed by French troops exterminating their own citizens.

    That conflict led directly to the punitive terms of peace following WWI, which led directly to WWII, which led directly to all the subsequent wars of the 20th and 21st century up until today’s.

    The crucial analogy is between the Paris Commune with Russia. We know where the “West” stands on the “issue” of Russia, and we know what they are capable of. I reiterate that absent Israel, whose voice would be heard in Washington, nothing can stop the descent into WWIII, noting that the Paris Commune in contrast to Russia today did not have nuclear weapons.


  14. Here’s a safe bet to make: The reports of US supported production of biological and nuclear WMDs in Ukraine will be strenuously denied and supressed in Western countries. Most Westerners will never become aware of these charges at all.

    Personally, I am waiting to see the documentation before I start jumping up and down about it, though I do think that Russia is much more honest in its claims than the Empire of Lies.


  15. Interesting viewpoints, though I disagree. Ukrainians have a right to be free. Putin detests the idea of a thriving democracy on his doorstep, therefore, the idea of a neutral Ukraine is a non-starter. Time and again we have seen the Russian army marching west to take over countries in Europe. This is no different. Putin is committing war crimes in Ukraine to decimate the population in hopes of making it part of Russia. I pray it doesn’t work.


    1. Neutrino17, Obama and Biden organized and paid for a coup in The Ukraine in 2014, this is illegal under international law. They did so because at that time there was a pro Russian government.

      The Ukrainians neither asked for nor wanted to be a vassal state of the West and the consequences for the average person has been horrific not to mention the loss of the Donbass and Crimean peninsula

      Your idea that there is a thriving democracy for Putin to detest is naive. Perhaps you should expand your media consumption beyond the usual MSM nonsense.


  16. Thank you, Gilbert Doctorow. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”
    The facts are, being what they are, we were made for these times—otherwise we would not have been born into them. Que será, all people of good will.


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