‘False flag’ chemical attack in Ukraine: a coming attraction

Warning:  it is “highly likely” the United States is now about to carry out a ‘false flag’ operation in Ukraine in which it will accuse the Russians of using chemical weapons

Unfortunately, it appears the Biden Administration does not listen closely to the President, or simply ignores him at times.

Joe Biden, or “Slow Joe,” has been much more sensible than all of his civilian cabinet members and assistants about avoiding anything which might precipitate a direct military clash with Russia in and around Ukraine, and opening the risk of escalation to nuclear war. I pointedly exclude the Pentagon here from the list of fools, because, on the contrary, they appear to be most sensitive to Russian capabilities and intentions.

Biden personally vetoed the madcap idea of transferring 29 MIGs from Poland to the Ukrainian air force notwithstanding the support it had from his Secretary of State. He personally vetoed declaring a ‘no flight zone’ over Ukraine which would be enforced by the United States and its NATO allies notwithstanding strong petitions to that effect from his own Democratic Party within Congress.  In both cases, Biden seems to have taken with utmost seriousness the threat from the Russian military authorities to not merely shoot down warplanes entering the Ukraine theater but to missile attack the air bases from which they took off.

 But now, ‘late breaking news’ from USA Today, if true, suggests that somehow people in his Administration are outflanking the President and preparing the way for global war by unleashing yet another ‘false flag’ incident that will raise the temperature in the US-Russian confrontation by many degrees.

The caption which yahoo.com is now carrying reads as follows:

USA Today: Russia could be preparing for chemical weapons attack; 35 killed in strike on base near Lviv: Live updates

Now why would Russia stage a chemical weapons attack in Ukraine?  The idea defies all reason. Russia has vast possibilities of destroying Ukraine that it has not deployed to date precisely to avoid civilian casualties. These include cyber attack, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and more intense use of its airpower which has been restrained due to shortage of smart bombs and reluctance to use munitions that might cause greater collateral damage.   Given these manifest signs of Russian caution in staging the war, even at the cost of greater casualties among its own troops and slower progress in a campaign that is very time sensitive, one would have to be utterly mad to consider using universally banned chemical weapons.  I rest my case: any so-called chemical attack which may be staged in Ukraine in coming days can only be the dirty work of the United States and its agents.

I call readers’ attention to the second half of the lead sentence in USA Today: the remark about the results of the Russian attack this morning on a U.S. and NATO training and logistical center outside of Lviv and close to the Polish border.  The Russian attack was closely linked to the statement of the Russian military a day ago that it would consider all incoming foreign arms as ‘legitimate targets’.  Stores of such arms were in the base.  The USA Today article mentions that the given base was occupied by U.S. military from Florida as recently as two weeks ago.  It does not take a stretch of imagination to realize that among the 35 killed in the attack were Americans and/or NATO personnel.  The threat of a false flag chemical attack is the U.S. response.

However, that need not be the driver of the possible new dirty trick from the USA. News about a chemical attack in Ukraine would divert attention away from the growing scandal over U.S. supervised and financed biological weapons laboratories in Ukraine, and possible U.S. curatorship over the Ukrainian efforts to develop a dirty nuclear bomb.

If the chemical attack proceeds, it will take us all one step closer to Armageddon. 

High time for Biden to put his house in order.

©Gilbert Doctorow,  2022

18 thoughts on “‘False flag’ chemical attack in Ukraine: a coming attraction

  1. No I don’t think the US intends to stage a false flag chemical weapons attack. What is pretty much certain however is that groups in Ukraine will now be very eager to make such an attack happen, or make the appearance of such an attack happen. But on the US side I think it all hasn’t been thought through very much. The Nuland-Rubio discussion shows how on the spur of the moment concerns about US biolabs in Ukraine got reflexively turned into Russian biological attacks. Of course some on the US side will also reflexively want to escalate to full on war without thinking it through.


    1. There are many ties between the UA government (or some particularly extremist fringes in power) and the USA (maybe – very likely – not Biden himself, but Nuland is still there, to name just one). I’m not so sure the Ukrainians would stage a false flag without lots of assurances that it would shift the balance in the USA.


  2. Funny how this US propaganda blitz about a “Russian” false flag chemical attack began way back in January, just a few days after this first-hand report from the Donbas of an impending *US/NATO* false flag chemical attack was published:

    “‘Expect Escalation of Conflict in Donbass and Ukraine Soon,’ Says Foreign Correspondent”

    “…[A Texan who enlisted as a freedom fighter in eastern Ukraine, author Russell Bentley claims that Biden administration war hawks and neo-Nazi Ukrainian officials are plotting a “false-flag” chemical warfare attack to blame on Putin as a pretext for declaring war.—Editors] …”


    1. I hear your false flag and raise you a false flag.

      The Empire of False Flags; The Empire of Lies.

      The Post-Truth World.

      “Animals don’t do what humans do via speech, namely, make a symbol stand in for the thing. As Tim Ingold puts it, ‘they do not impose a conceptual grid on the flow of experience and hence do not encode that experience in symbolic forms.’ ” ~ John Zerzan

      “…The map is a simulacrum that, as a model, loses all reference to reality… reality exists only as rotting shreds that are attached to the map, and this is the state of our age according to Baudrillard; that the model, itself, has primacy for us; the real has become irrelevant…” ~ Frances Flannery-Dailey


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