Another TRT World panel discussion of Ukraine well worth a look

I am very pleased with today’s “Newsmakers” show. Though my time at the microphone was  compressed since the first half of the 25 minute video was devoted to an interview with Kiev mayor Klitschko, in the second half I did land some punches. I took the debate away from the usual contest over blame for the war and exchange of insults about who is spreading propaganda. I sent the conversation in a wholly different direction: namely showing the patent absurdity of Klitschko’s allegation that Russia seeks to occupy Ukraine or to recreate the Soviet Union via annexation of Ukraine. No, Russia will not remain in Ukraine one minute longer than necessary to demilitarize the country and ensure its permanent neutral status.

 My argument that the very unusual way that the USSR broke up, namely by secession of the lead nationality in a multinational empire, has great importance for the present and future of Russia:  Russia had its fill of supporting the parasitical habits of the other Union Republics and was glad to be free of them. Moscow will be happy to let Brussels feed, clothe and provide lodging for the population of its neighbor to the southwest.  The war over Ukraine is solely about pushing back NATO and securing Russia’s borders.

Take a look. The best is last

I use this opportunity also to offer for your consideration an interview with me that Tom Mullen Talks Freedom (USA) released yesterday.  The subject, of course, is the war in Ukraine and what lies ahead.

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7 thoughts on “Another TRT World panel discussion of Ukraine well worth a look

  1. Well done for keeping your call.

    Out of interest – how much access do western journalists have to Donbas area.
    I have always presumed they had plenty and so any anti-Russian story in the area would get full publicity in the west.
    Yet the lady’s strange stories were being taking as credible by the interviewer.

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