Expand your horizons: English language news broadcasters from India and Iran

In the past several weeks, I have been a guest panelist on television debates devoted to the war in Ukraine produced by what I would have considered in the past to be “exotic” broadcasters, including Iran, Turkey, India and Belarus. The technical level of these English language services addressing the world community are generally high. The style of these shows varies, from the very serious (Iran, Turkey) to the overdramatized and fever pitch (India). But these programs all have in common a commitment to delivering to their audiences a variety of opinions on the Russia-Ukraine war coming from experts based on several continents. In this regard they are a very welcome counterpoint to the cheerleading, fully consensual anti-Russian panels presented on British, American and other pioneers of the global news genre.

India  –  17 March 2022 – India Today TV

“Russia-Ukraine War: Is Putin A War Criminal?  Rajdeep Sardesai Speaks To Foreign Experts To Find Out”

 “Rajdeep Sardesai is joined by several experts from across the world to discuss the current situation of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. They also discuss if Russian President Vladimir Putin is a War criminal? “

“India Today TV is India’s leading English News Channel.” – 5.8 million subscribers

Note: as of yesterday evening, the show had 12,758 views.  One might conclude that the war is not at the top of interest for domestic subscribers and foreign visitors.

Although this video is interesting from start to finish, my turn at the microphone is at minute 17.26 – 21.30  and 24.06 – 25.03

Iran – 19 March 2022 – Press TV

“Russia, China demand answer from US on Ukraine’s biolabs”


Notwithstanding the title of the program, the 10 minutes of discussion went in various directions. My virtual ‘partner’ as expert panelist was Vladimir Golstein, professor of Russian literature at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.

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    1. When the website opens click on the “Select Language’ box and choose English. Then the screen should change to a full page of little boxes showing various broadcasts among which you will find the show on Ukrainian Biolabs. Click on that and watch.. Of course, it may be that in your region the local authorities have proibited and are jamming the Iranian broadcasts.


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