Press TV, Iran:”Spotlight” – Russia gas currency switch

This edition of the Spotlight interviews Gilbert Doctorow, independent international affairs analyst from Brussels, and Daniel Lazare, journalist and author from New York to discuss the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on global energy supply.

3 thoughts on “Press TV, Iran:”Spotlight” – Russia gas currency switch

  1. Today, Belgian academia’s common line of thinking on the Ukraine war is to offer security guarantees for a neutral Ukraine via the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OCSE). These pundits, however, overlook the fact that as long as the US does not join negotiations about the real issue – a halt to NATO’s eastward expansion and efforts to unseat Putin – there will be no green light at the end of the tunnel. I just posted on Geopolitiek in context an interim assessment of the war in Ukraine, placed in the context of the struggle for power in the world, in which this point is mentioned. The title is ‘Why the Ukraine war is about much more’. Non-Dutch readers: just hit the Google translate box in the right upper corner.


    1. thanks, Paul.  will read a bit later today.  now I am preparing my own prognosis for how and when this war ends. I do not share the optimistic folks who think there will be signing ceremony next week.   no, it will come, if it comes at all, after the Russians have retakn all of Donbas.  At present Lugansk has recovered 93% of its territories as at 2014, before the war.  But Donetsk has only half the territory it had in 2014,  the Russians will not quit till that is remedied


  2. The apple seldom falls far from the tree. The Lower Saxon state government under Ursula’s father, Ernst Albrecht used every opportunity to court former Nazis. Her husband is either grandson or grandnephew of Joachim Freiherr von der Leyen, a German lawyer and civil servant who worked as a district administrator in the occupied countries of Czechoslovakia and Poland during the National Socialist era and as *district governor of the district of Galicia* and was involved in the organization of the Holocaust. She and Victoria (Nudelman) Nuland are bedfellows in their hate for anything Russian, and in their veniality.


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