“Cross Talk” on RT, Thursday, 31 March 2022

My colleague Paul Lookman has very kindly embedded in the latest posting on his website the link to a panel discussion on RT devoted to the Ukraine war. 

My fellow panelists on the program were two prominent speakers on the subject who are very much in demand in the States and internationally:  professor Nicolai Petro, a Ukraine expert at the University of Rhode Island, and Scott Ritter, a military intelligence and security expert with much relevant experience from his past government service.

The host, Peter Lavelle, has been the lead personality of Cross Talk since its inception 17 years ago. 

Since the onset of the Great Censorship that Western governments and major media companies put in place in February, all of Cross Talk programs are no longer carried by youtube.com  which is where most of their audience was concentrated.  Live reception of RT is, of course, impossible in Europe and North America due to the prohibition on this channel.  In the meantime, RT production people are preparing to place the shows on a new internationally accessible platform.

 Paul Lookman has done us all a great service by finding the key to the door, and posting the show.

2 thoughts on ““Cross Talk” on RT, Thursday, 31 March 2022

  1. A very nice panel, but a very annoying interviewer. Would have been interesting to hear more on issues where the speakers disagree. Instead, he kept interrupting every time the discussion got interesting.

    Completely agree with the author on NATO getting embarrassed and trying to imagine the implications of this embarrassment on future events.


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