RT’s “Cross Talk” is back on youtube.com

Thanks to the efforts of sympathetic account holders with youtube.com, some RT shows are accessible on the platform, notwithtanding the closure of RT’s own account in the days following the start of the ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine.

Accordingly, I invite you to view yesterday’s Cross Talk show entitled “The Russia-West Split” in which I had the pleasure of participating with a couple of outstanding panelists under the guidance of the show’s moderator and host, Peter Lavelle.0:5 / 24:57

I also note that the following previously aired RT program fits nicely back to back with the show of yesterday.  “Russia and Europe: The Closing Window”.  That was taped just as Russia was celebrating the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter the Great.

14 thoughts on “RT’s “Cross Talk” is back on youtube.com

  1. There a few private YouTube channels that have cross talk. I don’t know if they have an official arrangement with RT. I doubt they do.


  2. A miracle: a Belgian journalist in a discussion program on Belgian public television openly questioned Europe’s attitude in the Ukraine war! “Why does Europe allow the US to use our continent for destructive military activity? Why does Europe implement Washington’s agenda, to its own detriment?”

    That, and other issues, are subjects discussed in my new article “Do European leaders allow Washington to govern Europe”, which just appeared on Geopolitiek in context, see

    Laten Europese leiders de Unie besturen door Washington?

    Just hit the Google translate box in the right upper corner.


    1. Thanks, Paul. Good to see that Belgian journalists are leading the way to rediscovering national self-interest! I write to you from St Petersburg and am again able to watch the Russian media more closely. In today’s harvest: a Russian officer is saying that the HIMARS rocket launchers which are now wreaking havoc on Kakhovka and other DNR towns are manned not by Ukrainians but by US and UK officers. That effectively makes the US and UK co-belligerents and allows the Kremlin at any moment to declare war by word or by deed. Watch out!

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