Iran TV panel discussion on inflation in Europe and the sanctions policy

My three weeks of vacation in the Russian countryside south of St Petersburg come to an end tomorrow and by Thursday I expect to publish my day by day notes for this period.  In the meantime, I offer the link to a panel discussion on Iran’s Press TV in which I participated a couple of days ago. The subject was the ECB’s latest decision to raise interest rates to combat rampant inflation throughout the Eurozone. The inflation is in large part due to the anti-Russian sanctions which Europe imposed on energy exports from Russia, and so that policy also featured in the program.

 You will note that my hosts assumed I was speaking to them from Brussels when in fact I was in my Petersburg apartment at the time. Thanks to 5G capable fiber optic cable now installed in our apartment complex the broadcast quality is indistinguishable from what it would have been speaking from Brussels.

4 thoughts on “Iran TV panel discussion on inflation in Europe and the sanctions policy

  1. Welcome back. I’ve been searching in vain (your website and elsewhere) for a complete index (alphabetical by ‘title’ &/or chronological by ‘date’) of your articles. Is there not one somewhere? (This btw would be another advantage of your using Twitter to announce your article releases as they occur. A quick search by the user would find and display all of them or return results according to user-defined criteria.) Thanks, MK 

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  2. Definitely welcome back. I’ve gone to the site every day. You’ve got human interest locked up. I wish I had internet like that. How much do you pay for it? We pay $230 every month for internet, telephone, and cable TV.

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