Happy days are here again…

It is good to be back home in Brussels, and the popular song Happy Days from Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s pitching optimism to a depressive populace in the 1930s runs on a circular tape through my mind.

However, it seems less good when I switch on the television and watch the BBC news or browse Le Soir and other local mainstream media to complement the Financial Times and New York Times which come to my inbox wherever I am. The barrage of propaganda coming from Zelensky’s narcotics-distorted face on my screen brings to mind very unkind thoughts about what his tragic final scene should be in the ‘nearest future,’ as the Russians say..

Today’s dose of venom from the Ukrainian president, presented as God’s honest truth by the editorial team at Euronews, concerns the latest attacks on the Zaporozhie nuclear power station, which, of course, he lays at the door of the Kremlin, notwithstanding the nonsensical nature of such allegations given that the Russians would be interested in the uninterrupted supply of electricity to the territories they now occupy whereas the Ukrainian command would be interested in its disruption or even in some leakage of radiation that would threaten the nearby population that is now once and forever outside their control.

All of these Ukrainian allegations following one or another atrocity that they themselves have committed  with an eye to false flag propaganda become very tiresome. I think of the atrocities in Bucha, in which the victims were one and all persons suspected by pro-Ukrainian neighbors of having collaborated with the Russian occupation forces. I think of last week’s shouting by Kiev that the missile attack on a POW camp which killed and wounded large numbers of Azovstal defenders in captivity was done by the Russians.  This impudent, bare-faced lie which does not stand up to any test of logic, sailed past the editorial teams of our major electronic and print media.

However, there are some signs that enough is enough. Yesterday the FT carried an article about what they call the war weariness of the European public, which, they say, endangers further economic and military aid to Kiev. The public, they say, has stopped being interested in news dispatches from the front. The numbers of published articles on the Ukraine war seem to be down 80% from where they were in March.  Is it that the European public is unable to concentrate on any one issue for long, as the FT would have us believe, or is it that the farcical accounts of what is going on in Ukraine have brought about sullen rejection from the broad majority of readers who just turn the page to get to sports news?

The only bright spot on the news front is the release last week by Amnesty International of its report on the Ukrainian army’s systematically putting civilians at risk by intermingling its weapons and men in residential blocks, hospitals and schools, all in violation of international law. The word “war crimes” has now been used in conjunction with the Zelensky regimes.   Some media in the United States are now challenging Zelensky’s credentials as a democrat and champion of human rights.

And yet, it is clear that whatever European leaders know or do not know about Zelensky and the murderous gang presently holding the Ukrainian nation captive, they are not about to reverse course and say ‘sorry’ to Russia.  Only a clean sweep of Europe’s “leaders” and their replacement by new persons who may or may not be smarter but who will have no reason to double down on dead wrong policies out of empty vanity can bring some reason and common sense back to European politics.  Johnson is gone.  Draghi is gone.  Time for Scholz, Macron and a host of other buffoons wearing presidential hats to leave the scene.

©Gilbert Doctorow, 2022

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  1. Thank you for this post, especially because it came at the very moment when I was wondering what you thought of the situation on Zaporozhie. It seems to me that if damage was to be done to the nuclear plant, the risk would far exceed some radiation affecting the population nearby. I hope the Russians have the sense to let the IAEA people come and inspect the plant, or do something to ensure a level of safety.
    Regarding the change of leadership in Europe, I am not sure it will make any difference. Liz Truss is even more aggressive than Boris Johnson when it comes to Ukraine, and he had to rein her in a few times. The fascist lady who is most likely to replace Draghi (much to my chagrin) is both a friend of Orban and a staunch supporter of NATO, so it’s a lose-lose. As to saying sorry to Russia, sadly the best apology will be the dire conditions in which the people of Europe will be starting from this autumn. I am no particular admirer of Russia, like many people in this blog, but more than anything I would want to see this war end, in whichever way it can.

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    1. though I think Truss is a moron, a disgrace to the elite university she graduated from, I do not believe that once in power she will pursue the irresponsible, possibly suicidal policies towards Russia that the showman and circus star Boris boasted. she already has said she won’t make a visit to Taiwan, which is contrary to Boris’s baiting policy. I only feel sorry for those Europeans who do not react to the sharp deterioration in life style that awaits us all and only ccmplain around the kitchen table.. For those who take politicl action to defend their interests I will have respect. And they can only succeed given the level of inflation and scarcity that will bite in September – October.

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      1. People in Europe who have just voted or will vote are really caught between a rock and a hard place. Politicians who are willing to come to reasonable terms with Russia happen to be populist leaders or eurosceptics, and that is something some countries cannot afford to have or should not wish for. One may hope the Labour party will prevail in the UK in the next elections. When Americans vote, they will have again the choice to vote for Trump, who may be less inclined to bother Putin and allegedly would have left Ukraine to its own sad destiny, but he’s a climate change denier and as someone with some years left to live on this hot planet, I would not go for him.

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      2. I agree that Truss is a nitwit, but she is also a publicity hungry nitwit who is likely to do something really stupid. Dominic Cummins dubbed her the human hand grenade for unpredictability and hunger for headlines.

        If you though Boris was bad (and he is) – Truss may be an order of magnitude

        a blog post by a tory party member about the two candidates – http://www.cityunslicker.co.uk/2022/08/truss-sunak-from-front-line.html

        This member was impressed with Sunak who is rational , intelligent and says it how he sees it without sugar coating – Truss was another matter – “Truss was awful. Wild, unqualified promises. “I will reform the ECHR” (has she told them this?) etc etc – And she’s the favourite? Blimey, this is dire.

        I you want a laugh look for impressions of Truss by the British Comedian Jan Ravens who has the voice, mannerisms and banality spot on


  2. Johnson and Draghi are not gone yet. For the former it is already clear that his replacement will continue to double down, for the latter it is not clear yet but there is no candidate that wants a clear stop to dead wrong policies.
    Macron and Scholz have both reneged on their predecessors attempts at coming to an agreement with Russia and are fully subordinated to the US. The Normandy format is not brain dead (wink), it is really dead and has completely decayed.
    Do you see Hungary as representing the start of a new wave of European politics?
    What signs do you see that a “clean sweep of Europe’s leaders and their replacement by new persons (…) who will have no reason to double down on dead wrong policies” is likely to happen in the near future?
    I see none. It holds as much reality as the million-man army counter offensive on Kherson.

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  3. Changing the dolts in the presidents hats will change nothing. There is an endless supply of such fools. The persons really in control must be removed. That means changing the systems of government.

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    1. In the US, we voted for “change” in 2008 but instead we got a guy who proceeded to do the opposite of almost every single campaign promise he made and among other things bombed more nations than Hitler and still kept is Nobel “Peace” Prize. That outcome so antagonized the people who voted for him, that they stayed home and eventually we were offered Trump vs the so called “left” candidate, super deluxe warmonger and a former Goldwater Girl and Queen of In-Your-Face Corruption via State Dept access quid pro quo Clinton Foundation contributions…and we told that’s not a story it’s normal by the media. Not to be out done, our next choice was Trump again vs a mental vegetable.

      So yes….someone IS running things but it sure is not us voters.


  4. The attempts to inflict a nuclear disaster upon its own people is in character with their previous actions in years past just one of many being cutting off water to Crimea in such a way it also deprived water to its own in Kherson. Which helps explain why even many Ukraine majority Oblasts prefer to be part of Russia, not Ukraine and probably why I’ve read reports Ukrainians are voting with feat crossing lines into Russia while busses to evacuate folks from Kramatorks to Ukraine fetched a mere 300.


  5. Gilbert,
    You’re prior post regarding the Vinnytsia bombing mentioned “joining the dots”…
    With Ukrainian commanders recently admitting the US forces are Manning HIMARS systems, that suggests the likely origin of the attack on the POW camp was a US soldier manning a HIMARS


  6. ‘The reality of the war in Ukraine’, a long read now featuring on Geopolitiek in context: https://geopolitiekincontext.wordpress.com/2022/08/09/de-realiteit-rond-de-oorlog-in-oekraine/

    For any language, just hit the Google translate box in the right upper corner.

    A summary: Sky News anchor Cory Bernardi, Swiss Colonel Jacques Baud and American historian Eric Zuesse belie our coverage of the war in Ukraine. The Russians were given a binding commitment to NATO expansion. The Ukrainian government is not legitimate. NATO is not a defensive alliance and joining Finland and Sweden is not a good idea. At the fall of the Wall, Washington informed its allies that the Cold War would continue until it yoked Russia.


  7. “Johnson is gone. Draghi is gone. Time for Scholz, Macron and a host of other buffoons wearing presidential hats to leave the scene.” Happy Days indeed!


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