Schadenfreude? Iran television casts ‘Spotlight’ on UK and European Union energy crisis

Yesterday’s print and electronic media in the United Kingdom had as their lead story the just announced 80% rise in the price cap on energy as from October. The new bill to households will come to approximately 350 euros per month, or the equivalent of 25-30% of take home pay for a large segment of the working population, more of course for those at the bottom of the wage scale. As British journalists remarked, by winter this will put many families before the stark choice of heating or eating.

Similar grim news on rising energy costs were on the front pages of Le Monde and Figaro in Paris, where energy costs to consumers are now running at 10 times the level of a year ago.

Iran’s Press TV channel convened a panel discussion on its ‘Spotlight’ evening program to discuss the causes and likely consequences of the looming crisis in Britain and across Europe.

6 thoughts on “Schadenfreude? Iran television casts ‘Spotlight’ on UK and European Union energy crisis

  1. Close down gas speculation!!!
    Close down TTF : The lead speculator for Europe for gas in NL, protected by the Russia fighting EU .


  2. Hi, Gilbert.

    Alas, still finding technical problems when I try to leave a comment. It says I can comment by replying to the message, so here goes. I am somewhat curious about the eventual effects of all this on Canada. We are a big gas producer. But we are also affected by rising prices. We are stuck in trade deals with the USA that do not let us manage our own energy supply. As you may have heard, it gets cold here in the winter. Tr



    1. In brief Russian TV is saying that the Ukrainians lost 1200 dead on the first day of their long awaited counter offensive to free Kherson and the south. However, with the passing of Gorbachev Iexpect their news to be diverted to that today and tomorrow Otherwise I havecommented onreinterpreting Gorbachev’s achievements and failures in light of theUkraine war during an interview this morning on TRT Turkish public television . When the youtube linnk becomes available, Iwill post it


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