Zelensky’s wildly irresponsible call for a ‘preventive nuclear strike’

Zelensky’s wildly irresponsible call for a ‘preventive nuclear strike against Russia”: analysis on Iran’s Press TV

Once again I have the pleasure of recommending to my readership a live interview on Iran’s Press TV earlier today. Once again, I find their news presenter very well briefed on the subject at hand. Once again I find their political positioning remarkably friendly to the Russian side in the conflict with the West over Ukraine.

One might draw conclusions about a shift in Iranian state politics away from ‘kiss and make up’ with the United States and towards alignment with its regional neighbors and with the great powers Russia and China. It is these last two which are raising Iran’s image of stable and constructive contributor to the world order in forums such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Caspian Economic Forum, presently being held in Moscow.

9 thoughts on “Zelensky’s wildly irresponsible call for a ‘preventive nuclear strike’

  1. Good of you to clarify that nuclear war is both very unlikely and, moreso, only likely to happen from the West, not from Russia. That’s a narrative that needs to have a large hole poked in it in the western MSM.


  2. Thank you for providing this video. I am particularly reassured by the fact that a strike would be against Washington and not Europe, though I’m not sure about the safety of London.


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