More on Electromagnetic Pulse warfare

More on Electromagnetic Pulse warfare:  ‘News Review’ program on Press TV, Iran

Further to my remarks yesterday on this website pointing to Russian options to break any stalemate in the war on the ground by deploying a wholly new weapon system that could bring Ukrainian forces to their knees in a day with virtually no loss of life or destruction of cities, I was given the opportunity to expand on the point during this morning’s 10am edition of the ‘News Review’ program of Iran’s English language broadcasting service.

One correction must be noted: the common abbreviation of Electromagnetic Pulse is EMP, whereas I inadvertently inverted the letters when I spoke.

5 thoughts on “More on Electromagnetic Pulse warfare

  1. Thank you,

    Excellent work in disposing of newsprint that wrapped a rotting red-herring.

    Again, excellent, thank you!


  2. I’m convinced you have Down syndrome.

    If the Russians had this Harry Potter weapon, why would they blow their load and fire off nearly ever Iskander in their inventory? Why would they buy ballistic missiles from Iran?

    Who needs magical weapons when you have useful idiots speaking to audiences reaching dozens of people?


  3. Although I have lost some respect for AL in recent times he does seem to have a point here as you do seem to have a fascination for wonder weapons. (No doubt you touched a nerve of AL in an earlier article.) To my mind it would be a good start if the “Russians” were able to the stop the Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk. In truth, I have no understanding of why that is so difficult. Presumably AL could explain this as he knows such things as how many Iskanders are in the Russian inventory.


    1. Same reason North Korean artillery strikes against Seoul would be hard to stop. The guns are heavily bunkered in defence lines built up over years. The real surprise is the RAF hasn’t done more to hit the rail-lines & infrastructure supplying the AFU in the east until recently.

      As for AL ”experts” have been telling all and sundry that Russia ran out of conventional weapons back in March.

      His tiresome personal attacks are reflective of the fact, that Ukraine brings the inner droog out of its supporters.

      Which is fitting given the great national tradition that polity choose to embrace is that of Bandera.


  4. Yes, AL’s knowledge of Russia’s military procurement sources and weapons supplies, military strategy, etc. is impressive. Of a kin with Boris Johnson’s deep understandind of what the “sanctions from hell” would do to the Russian economy.

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