RT ‘Cross Talk’ on what the completed referendums signify

Panel discussion of the referendums and coming reintegration into Russia of the Donbas, Kherson and Zaporozhie

I take pleasure in sharing the link to the just posted Cross Talk show hosted by Peter Lavelle and with the participation of the widely read journalist Pepe Escobar.

6 thoughts on “RT ‘Cross Talk’ on what the completed referendums signify

  1. A truly fine discussion on matters of critical importance today. In my opinion, one of the best that Peter Lavelle has hosted in some time. Mr Doctorow’s contribution merits special commendation. Let us take notes and save them for future reference. Again, kudos all around.


  2. Do you really think that President Putin can force a victory within weeks or even days? That remains a long shot to me. I respect your opinions very much, but I will grant you the status of a seer if this comes to pass.


    1. He could steer his country’s war strategy to one that would force victory within weeks or even days.
      That means, behaviour along the lines followed by the USA in Iraq, by some other folks in Yemen, and the like.

      Now of course, if the USA are seeking a showdown with Russia (and what was done to the Nord Stream conduits could hint to that), such behaviour from the Russia military would enable them to get what they want, in the form of a “moral response to war crimes”.
      And maybe Russia is seeking to avoid such a showdown: due to a sense of responsibility towards humankind and earth, or due to possible knowledge that they would be obliterated before they could obliterate their enemy.

      The breaking of the conduits is an obvious mob-style retortion for the unification referenda. Done immediately and in that unmistakable rub-in-your-face guise. As those who are safe to have the (far) upped hand, and are governed by addiction to power, are used to do it.
      The USA seem assured they can’t get hurt or suffer any serious outcomfe from this.

      It’s like a board game where one of the two contenders takes a lot to make a move, while the other reacts to that move with an immediate of his own.


      1. Sorry, I don’t understand enough to seriously argue with you. In particular, I don’t understand why you compare the situation with either Iraq or Yemen. As far as “decapitating” civilian and military leadership I remain skeptical that Russia will set that as a strategy, and even if it were to carry out such a strategy “successfully” I do not think that it would end the war so quickly, though… Hopefully, this conflict is contained enough so that the continental US is not attacked, though I imagine that US lives in, say, Syria are already at an increased risk. (The Military Summary Channel is currently carrying reports that the Russian forces in Liman are effectively surrounded. How am I supposed to make sense of that?) Despite these concerns, the World is changing at an unprecedented rate and I strongly agree with Gilbert that Europe is losing big time. Unfortunately, we all lose if the World bifurcates into two political hemispheres that barely communicate with each other, and I blame the US for this. The West’s propaganda is so effective that already most of my (Australian) countrymen are incapable of understanding why Russia and China might see the World differently from the way they do, and it is already totally beyond their imagination why anyone would wish to visit Russia.


    2. Definitely Russia can end this conflict in weeks if she finally chooses. Russia could and should have done this on the beginning starting on Feb 24. Russia has prohibited itself from targeting infrastructure. In contrast, infrastructure is one of the first things USA targets. Russian law requires she not attack infrastructure. However, the Russian law changes when she is fighting a direct attack/invasion. Ukraine is now invading Russian territory. So now Russia can legally destroy Ukrainian rail infrastructure moving troop and western weapons to the front lines, and she destroy Ukraine decision making and command centers and government infrastructure.


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