Agreement between Venezuelan President Maduro and the Opposition as discussed on Press TV, Iran

Hear analysis by Latin American regional expert Alfred de Zayas on the domestic outlook in Venezuela for realization of this agreement and my perspective on its US-Russian context

Once again, Iran’s Press TV offers a well-researched and prepared program on its English-language international service.

See below translation into French (Youri), German (Andreas Mylaeus) and Brazilian Portuguese (Evandro Menendez)

Accord entre le président vénézuélien Maduro et l’opposition tel que discuté sur Press TV, Iran

Écoutez l’analyse de l’expert régional latino-américain Alfred de Zayas sur les perspectives nationales au Venezuela pour la réalisation de cet accord et mon point de vue sur son contexte américano-russe.

Une fois de plus, la chaîne iranienne Press TV propose un programme bien documenté et préparé sur son service international en langue anglaise.

Vereinbarung zwischen dem venezulanischen Präsidenten Maduro und der Opposition, diskutiert auf Press TV, Iran

Hören Sie die Analyse des Experten für die lateinamerikanische Region Alfred de Zayas zum Ausblick für Venezuela durch die Umsetzung dieser Vereinbarung und meine Ansicht dazu im Kontext der Beziehungen zwischen den USA und Russland.

Wieder einmal bietet Iran’s Press TV ein gut recherchiertes und vorbereitetes Programm auf seinem englischsprachigen Sender an.

Acordo entre o presidente Maduro da Venezuela e a oposição é discutido na Press TV iraniana

Ouça a análise pelo especialista na região da América Latina, Alfred de Zayas, sobre o prospecto para a realização deste acordo na Venezuela e minha perspectiva em seu contexto estadunidense-russo. Novamente, a Press TV iraniana oferece um programa bem documentado e preparado em seu serviço internacional na língua inglesa.

6 thoughts on “Agreement between Venezuelan President Maduro and the Opposition as discussed on Press TV, Iran

  1. Enormously informative. I read much faster than I watch. It would be terrific to have transcripts to read, but lacking that, this is terrific.


  2. Mon Dieu! Venezuela does have the largest petroleum reserves in the world! Mon Dieu encore! The U.S. wants to *prolong* the war in Ukraine? That will surely go down as the biggest geopolitical error in modern times. Talk about a thoroughly discredited, failed, and amoral foreign policy! We really are entering into the “don’t eat the yellow snow” territory. This is not difficult intellectually. The only, the only, way the U.S.’s leadership could be this catastrophically wrong is if it is paid to be wrong. I am put in mind of these lines from Richard III, Richard reading:
    “‘Jockey of Norfolk, be not too bold,
    For Dickon thy master is bought and sold.’
    A thing devised by the enemy.”
    In the U.S. we live in an environment where everything against our adventure in Ukraine is “a thing devised by the enemy” when in fact it is more and more apparent that our masters are bought and sold. The invisible hand can get it badly wrong at times. Very badly wrong.


  3. Sands are definitely shifting. The opposition party in Taiwan has trounced the leading party in the local elections. The leading party is fiercely pro-US and belligerently anti-China. Although the very few media outlets in the US that even report this outcome (try to find it in the NYT) say the result has to do exclusively with “local issues” one cannot be accused of fantastical thinking for suspecting that there are a strong majority of Islanders who don’t want to end up suffering the same fate as the brave Ukrainians dying for a rules based order.


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