Women good, men bad. Finland’s beautiful and charming prime minister under the lens

Are women prime ministers more humane and devoted to peaceful resolution of conflict than their war-mongering male counterparts?

In today’s discussion on Press TV, Iran we considered the “brutally honest” statement by Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland, who said at a press conference yesterday that Europe’s capabilities of standing up to Russia on its own are inadequate. Where this leads is fairly obvious, namely to submission to American overlordship and confrontation with the neighbor to the East under terms dictated from Washington.

See Ukraine war shows Europe ‘not strong enough’: Finnish PM – YouTube

Translation into French (Youri and German (Andreas Mylaeus) below

Les femmes sont bonnes, les hommes sont mauvais. La belle et charmante première ministre finlandaise sous les projecteurs.

Les femmes Premiers ministres sont-elles plus humaines et plus dévouées à la résolution pacifique des conflits que leurs homologues masculins belliqueux ?

Dans le débat d’aujourd’hui sur Press TV, Iran, nous avons examiné la déclaration “brutalement honnête” de Sanna Marin, Premier ministre finlandais, qui a déclaré hier lors d’une conférence de presse que les capacités de l’Europe à faire face seule à la Russie sont insuffisantes. La voie à suivre est évidente : la soumission à la domination américaine et la confrontation avec le voisin de l’Est dans des conditions dictées par Washington.

Frauen gut, Männer schlecht. Finlands schöne und charmante Premierministerin unter der Lupe

Sind weibliche Premierminister humaner und eher zu friedlichen Konfliktlösungen geneigt als ihre kriegslüsternen männlichen Gegenstücke?

In unserer heutigen Diskussion auf Press TV, Iran, haben wir die „in brutaler Weise ehrliche“ Stellungnahme von Sanna Marin, Premierministerin von Finnland, überdacht, die gestern in einer Pressekonferenz gesagt hat, dass das eigene Potenzial Europas, sich Russland entgegenzustellen, unzulänglich ist. Wohin das führt, ist ziemlich offensichtlich: nämlich zur Unterwerfung unter die amerikanische Oberherrschaft und zur Konfrontation mit dem Nachbarn im Osten und zwar unter den von Washington diktierten Bedingungen.

5 thoughts on “Women good, men bad. Finland’s beautiful and charming prime minister under the lens

  1. The significance of this is that the leadership of Europe has been transferred to the nations bordering Russia. Germany? France? Italy? Spain? These countries now march to the tune whistled by their neighbors to the East, what Donald Rumsfeld referred to as the New Europe. Notably this also corresponds to the complete victory of England’s Brexit strategy: the emasculation of the Old Europe perhaps epitomized by the lady Prime Minister. The US and the UK are now completely in control, as you noted. If Russia wins however the aegis of these two will not be as sought after as it is today.


  2. Talk (RU mod),of a chemical false flag like in Syria when they lose they always use the same scenario. All false flags (see Bucha..)usually happen during the week-end.

    Nato ultimatum tonight:

    NATO member countries, as well as future members Finland and Sweden, in a joint statement called on Russia to stop aggression against Ukraine and withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory “completely and unconditionally”.

    What are they smoking and or drinking?


  3. Well, at least she’s hot…. But Greg Simmons nailed it when he said she is “ideological, not pragmatic” at all. A simple synopsis of the trouble driving our times….


  4. The whole MSM keeps talking as if Russia discontinued energy exports, even when municipalities here are suing the government to KEEP their contracts with gazProm. There is a buyers strike and the EU leadership is throwing the population, the future, and the economy under the bus … because they think they belong to a superior invulnerable tribe.

    As for mellow women (?!) historically, it is men who stand for the continuation of the tribe and what it stands for. Women have tended to mate with their selection of the victors.


  5. What a load of sexism here. Clearly, no European country could stand against anyone without the umbrella of the US. It is precisely why Europe is doing the US’ bidding. Sanna Marin did not say anything new at all. I’m not even commenting Doldrom’s post above. At least she’s hot. Oh dear.


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