NATO is not in the business of winning wars

“NATO is not in the business of winning wars. NATO is in the business of selling arms”

I highlight in the title given to this bulletin the kind of insights one may expect and get regularly from panelists on Iran’s English language international broadcaster, Press TV. 

I hasten to add that the Iran service features dignified, restrained presenters who do not have a thumb on the scales, who come to the programs with well researched and relevant questions.

 I also call out the distinction between the independent platform Press TV makes available to its guests and the highly compromised reporting that we see on another competitor for  international audiences from whom we might also expect to hear news and views that otherwise go unreported in Western mainstream, China’s CGTN/ Notwithstanding the trade war that the United States is waging on China, notwithstanding the growing confrontation with the United States over the status of Taiwan, the Chinese news services remain as one-sidedly pro-Western as CNN or Euronews. I wonder when their paymasters will finally clean the stables and offer the world that additional alternative voice we so need.

Translations below into German (Andreas Mylaeus), French (Youri) and Brazilian Portuguese (Evandro Menezes)

Das Geschäft der NATO ist nicht das Gewinnen von Kriegen

“Das Geschäft der NATO ist nicht das Gewinnen von Kriegen. Das Geschäft der NATO ist der Verkauf von Waffen.“

In dem Titel zu dieser Mitteilung hebe ich die Art von Erkenntnissen hervor, die man von den Diskussionsteilnehmern bei dem iranischen englischsprachigen internationalen Sender Press TV erwarten und bekommen könnte.

Ich möchte hinzufügen, dass der iranische Sender über würdige und zurückhaltende Moderatoren verfügt, die keine parteiischen Interessen haben und die mit gut recherchierten und relevanten Fragen an die Programmgestaltung herangehen.

Ich möchte auch hervorheben, dass es einen Unterschied gibt zwischen der unabhängigen Plattform, die Press TV seinem Publikum zur Verfügung stellt und der stark angepassten Berichterstattung, die wir bei einem Konkurrenten für internationale Zuschauer sehen, von dem wir auch erwarten würden, dass er Nachrichten und Meinungen verbreitet, die sonst in den westlichen Mainstream-Medien nicht berichtet werden: China’s CGTN. Ungeachtet des Handelskrieges, den die Vereinigten Staaten gegen China führen und ungeachtet der wachsenden Konfrontation mit den Vereinigten Staaten über den Status von Taiwan bleiben die chinesischen Nachrichtendienste so einseitig prowestlich wie CNN oder Euronews. Ich frage mich, wann ihre Auftraggeber endlich die Ställe säubern und der Welt die zusätzliche Stimme bieten werden, die wir so dringend brauchen.

L’OTAN n’a pas vocation à gagner des guerres

« L’OTAN n’a pas pour mission de gagner des guerres. L’OTAN est là pour vendre des armes ».

Dans le titre de ce bulletin, je souligne le genre d’idées que l’on peut attendre et obtenir régulièrement des invités de Press TV, le diffuseur international de langue anglaise de l’Iran.

Je m’empresse d’ajouter que le service iranien met en scène des présentateurs dignes et modérés, qui n’ont pas le pouce sur la balance et qui viennent aux émissions avec des sujets bien documentés et pertinents.

J’attire également l’attention sur la distinction entre la plateforme indépendante que Press TV met à la disposition de ses invités et les reportages hautement biaisés que l’on peut voir sur un autre concurrent pour les audiences internationales, dont on pourrait également s’attendre à obtenir des informations et des points de vue qui, autrement, ne seraient pas rapportés dans les grands médias occidentaux, à savoir la CGTN chinoise. Malgré la guerre commerciale que les États-Unis mènent contre la Chine, malgré la confrontation croissante avec les États-Unis sur le statut de Taïwan, les services d’information chinois restent aussi unilatéralement pro-occidentaux que CNN ou Euronews. Je me demande quand leurs maîtres payeurs vont enfin nettoyer les écuries et offrir au monde cette voix alternative supplémentaire dont nous avons tant besoin.

A OTAN não está no negócio de ganhar guerras

“A OTAN não está no negócio de ganhar guerras. A OTAN está no negócio de vender armas.”

No título dado a este boletim, saliento o tipo de perspicácia que se pode esperar e se encontrar regularmente nos entrevistados na Press TV, o canal internacional em língua inglesa do Irã.

Apresso-me em acrescentar que a agência iraniana conta com apresentadores dignos e comedidos, que não têm um dedo na balança, que vêm aos programas com questões bem pesquisadas e relevantes.

Também chamo a atenção para a distinção entre a plataforma independente que a Press TV disponibiliza para seus convidados e as reportagens muito comprometidas que vemos em outro concorrente para audiências internacionais, de quem também podemos esperar ouvir notícias e opiniões que, de outra forma, não seriam divulgadas na mídia tradicional ocidental, a CGTN da China. Apesar da guerra comercial que os Estados Unidos estão travando contra a China, apesar do crescente confronto com os Estados Unidos sobre a situação de Taiwan, os serviços de notícias chineses permanecem tão pró-ocidentais quanto a CNN ou a Euronews. Eu me pergunto quando seus patrocinadores finalmente limparão os estábulos e oferecerão ao mundo aquela voz alternativa adicional de que tanto precisamos.

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  1. I fully agree with Gilbert’s statement on CGTN, which I used to tune into regularly up to Feb 24, 2022. I’ve hardly ever consulted it since the SMO started as it bends over backwards to be ‘even-handed’ in a pro-NATO way. But then Gilbert has stated that saying one thing and doing another is par for the course in international relations and that pleasing Western soft-liberals like me may not be the agenda of a Chinese international state-broadcaster, when China is playing a long game against an enemy bent on destroying it.

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  2. New draft treaty for European security

    Here is my favourite. Which I think is the most likely and most important.

    First, read this article, about the new draft treaty for European security.

    It is the BRICS approach to create a multipolar world order. And Europe should be part of it. For this, Russia is currently applying the special military operation, the SMO.

    The calculation is, that when Germany is economically depleted, due to “self-sanctions”, that the pressure on the German government will be that high, that it will fold, and accept the Russian terms.

    The pressure would be employed by both, the people that are sitting in the dark (going forward, not now) or can’t pay for their bills, and the German establishment, that would lose a lot of power.

    This applies for all EU countries. In the consequence, they would try to break free, from the American and EU dictate, as well as NATO, and try to re-establish relations with Russia. Russia is precisely saying that it is ready and waiting for this scenario.

    Will there be a strong response from the US? Normally it would. But I think, the US will soon have far greater problems, then managing its empire in Europe. See the next chapter.

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  3. Un Grand Merci to you Gilbert Doctorow for your tireless production of first rate analysis during the past years. You are at the top of the list for those seeking the alternative narrative on the subject so misrepresented in the “Main Stream Media”. Your rendering and analysis are reaching a wider and wider audience. Happy New Year.

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