Will anti-war protests bring an end to the Ukraine war?

This highly topical question was the subject of last evening’s ‘News Review’ on Iran’s Press TV, a ten-minute long program presenting two discussants, of which I was one.

Translations below into French (Youri) and Spanish (Hugo Guido)

Les manifestations anti-guerre mettront-elles fin à la guerre en Ukraine ?

Cette question d’actualité était le sujet de l’émission « News Review » diffusée hier soir sur la chaîne iranienne Press TV, une émission de dix minutes qui présentait deux intervenants, dont je faisais partie.

¿Las protestas contra la guerra pondrán fin a la guerra de Ucrania?

Esta pregunta de gran actualidad fue el tema de la “Reseña de Noticias” de anoche en Press TV de Irán, un programa de diez minutos de duración que presentaba a dos ponentes, de los cuales yo era uno de ellos.

4 thoughts on “Will anti-war protests bring an end to the Ukraine war?

  1. I have to agree that the protests are likely to have little to no impact. Unless the governing elites change their tune, the war will go on and Europeans and Americans will suffer in the long run (Ukrainians and Russians are suffering enormously now, of course).


  2. The insanity of DC/London/3LAs “elite” is on full display, not a fig leaf of prudence, just the strutting of a street-whore working the Avenue. As a US citizen, with prior service, I find the use of Ukrainia’s peoples as sacrificial pawns, in some “grand game” by the aforementioned group, vulgar, shameless, a naked display of venality and vanity.

    To kill half a million, [so far], soldiers & civilians in Ukrainia to fulfill some centuries old English-club-fantasy of oriental conquest subjugating the peoples of Russia is, to make mockery of what Americans wish for themselves and their country. All the meager public support for this war is manufactured through lies and deceit gleefully pronounced by a media, wholly owned by 3LA apparatchiks, hell bent on destroying America’s prosperity.


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