RT’s ‘Cross Talk’ discussion of the missile attack on Poland

The missile attack on Polish territory earlier this week raised the specter of NATO’s Article 5 being invoked and the proxy war in and over Ukraine becoming a hot war between the Russian Federation and NATO.  Global stock markets briefly instantly withered and many viewers of the media held their breath until the reassuring news arrived that the President Joe Biden, unlike Zelensky and leaders of the Baltic States, did not be believe that the Russians fired the missile, thereby calming nerves all around.

And yet this brief encounter with the unthinkable set minds working among experts and media commentators globally.  Yesterday was indeed a very busy day for me in this regard.  I have already posted the brief discussion of the Polish missile crisis on Iran’s Press TV in which I took part.  I present here two links to the half-hour program yesterday on RT:  “Cross Talk” hosted by Peter Lavelle.  The issues here are taken apart from three fairly different perspectives and I am hopeful that viewers will find value in this.https://odysee.com/@RT:fd/crosstalk-zelensky-war:4



Please find below a translation of the foregoing into Brazilian Portuguese (Evandro Meneze)

Discussão no Cross Talkda RT sobre o ataque com mísseis contra a Polônia

O ataque com mísseis contra o território polonês no começo desta semana levantou o espectro do Artigo 5 da OTAN ser invocado e a guerra por procuração na Ucrânia se tornar uma guerra quente entre a Federação Russa e a OTAN. Mercados de ações ao redor do globo instantaneamente murcharam brevemente e muitos espectadores da mídia prenderam a respiração até a reconfortante notícia chegar que o Presidente Joe Biden, ao contrário do Zelensky e dos líderes dos estados bálticos, não acreditava que os russos lançaram o míssel, assim acalmando os nervos de todos.

E ainda, este breve encontro com o impensável colocou em movimento as mentes de especialistas e de comentaristas da mídia globalmente. Ontem [17 de novembro] foi mesmo um dia muito ocupado para mim a este respeito. Já publiquei a breve discussão sobre a crise  do míssil na Polônia na Press TV iraniana da qual participei. Apresento aqui dois enlaces para o programa da RT ontem [17 de novembro]: “Cross Talk”, apresentado por Peter Lavelle. Estas questões são esmiuçadas a partir de três perspectivas bastante diferentes e espero que os leitores as achem proveitosas: https://odysee.com/@RT:fd/crosstalk-zelensky-war:4 ou https://rumble.com/v1vd974-crosstalk-zelenskys-war.html.

7 thoughts on “RT’s ‘Cross Talk’ discussion of the missile attack on Poland

  1. Excellent discussion and your input very well expressed. I agree with the concluding remarks, that the goal is the dissolution of NATO, which if Europe gets some new politicians following the coming winter of discontent will be welcomed. It’s just protection money which the EU should take note doesn’t protect them anyway.


  2. Yes, we found your discussion Gilbert with Peter Lavell’s Cross Talk very good, along with James Jatras and Anthony Kevin from Australia. Yes, NATO must go and Russia hopefully won’t be tricked into letting its guard down too soon, given US/NATO’s habitual non compliajnwith agreements.


  3. Mr. Doctorow, I enjoy your articles but find your site much harder to navigate with all the various language postings.

    It would help me follow your work if you made it easier to skip to my language. One simple mechanism would be for each essay to have a row of tabs at the top, one for each language, and a user could quickly select their language for each essay.


    1. For some reason, I cannot “like” Hickory’s comment. But I agree with it wholeheartedly! A row of tabs at the top of the page would be most welcome. I’ve almost missed posts because of the difficulty of navigating to the English version….


    2. Dear Sir, Thanks for your interest in improving navigation on this site. However, please bear in mind that my specialty is political analysis not website engineering. I have purchased an off the shelf website from Word Press and it is what it is. The essays will be most easily accessible when they are assembled as a paperback or ebook and published in the coming year. G.D.


  4. A very interesting discussion! I don’t see NATO going away, unfortunately. This is especially true when Russia wins the conflict. The West will rattle the sabers and bang the drums and declare that the Russian threat is what NATO is meant to deter/defeat. It is what it is. Good discussion.


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