Press TV Newsroom (Iran): the drone attack on the Kremlin – its meaning and what comes next

Once again it was my pleasure last night to participate in a live broadcast on Press TV discussing the drone attack on the Kremlin which the Russians blame on the United States as prime mover. This brings us to within a hair’s breadth of declaration of war on the United States.

Lavrov vows ‘concrete actions’ in response to Kremlin drone attack | Urmedium

Translations below into German (Andreas Mylaeus), Spanish (Hugo Guido) and French (Youri)

Press TV Newsroom (Iran): Der Drohnenangriff auf den Kreml – seine Bedeutung und was als nächstes kommt

Gestern Abend hatte ich wieder einmal das Vergnügen, an einer Live-Sendung von Press TV teilzunehmen, in der der Drohnenangriff auf den Kreml erörtert wurde, für den die Russen die Vereinigten Staaten als Hauptverursacher verantwortlich machen. Damit sind wir kurz davor, den Vereinigten Staaten den Krieg zu erklären.

Press TV Newsroom Iran: el ataque con drones contra el Kremlin: su significado y lo que viene después

Una vez más, fue un placer para mí participar anoche en una transmisión en vivo en Press TV discutiendo el ataque con drones contra el Kremlin del cual los rusos culpan a los Estados Unidos como principal instigador. Esto nos lleva a un pelo de la declaración de guerra contra los Estados Unidos.

Lavrov promete “acciones concretas” en respuesta al ataque con aviones drones al Kremlin | Urmedium

Press TV Newsroom (Iran) : l’attaque du Kremlin par des drones –

sa signification et ses conséquences

Une fois de plus, j’ai eu le plaisir hier soir de participer à une émission en direct sur Press TV pour discuter de l’attaque de drone contre le Kremlin, que les Russes imputent aux États-Unis. Nous sommes donc à deux doigts de déclarer la guerre aux États-Unis.

M. Lavrov promet des « actions concrètes » en réponse à l’attaque du Kremlin par des drones | Urmedium

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  1. Only the cia has the equipment and knowledge to conduct such a act ,after blowing up the nordstream pipe lines .


      1. THANK YOU for your fast reply! It is really interesting! iPad Safari does not open the link, but Mozilla does on my computer.


      2. Reddit is banned in France. An Iron Curtain has descended over free speech throughout Europe. The lefties in charge of Europe thrive on shutting down any diverse views. The sickness is now being advanced in the U.S. by the DNC/Deep State/Media axis of evil.


  2. This is nothing new, Mr. White. There always seems to be a faction in Washington that doesn’t want peace/detente with Russia. Yes, the Democratic Party has long been hostile and arrogant toward Moscow. The Dems did what they could to derail detente and drive Kissinger out of Washington. The Jackson-Vanik amendment was one tool they used to accomplish this. But there were splits within the Republican Party as well. President Ford signed that act into law. Reagan felt the Soviets were taking advantage of the West. And I think it was Caspar Weinberger who opposed the INF treaty. He said the Soviets could never be trusted. I’m sure Dr. Doctorow knows a lot more about this than I do.


    1. Thank You David. You may recall that Trump was impeached when he attempted to get the U.S. State Department to follow his directives in Ukraine. In addition to the Deep State Department, there is a cesspool of ‘think tanks’ in D.C. These people are highly paid by defense contractors to plot forever wars as a permanent institution no matter who enters the White House. It is more than a faction. It is a permanent pseudo-government organization that corrupts the elected government no matter which wing of the Uniparty is elected. As long as it is allowed to operate, the U.S. will continue to meddle in foreign governments, as they have in Ukraine. To manipulate smaller countries, threaten them economically when they don’t do the bidding of the U.S. and confiscate their money or bomb them when they defy the U.S. This is international piracy. The U.S. is alone in being the biggest bully of other nations. The worst offender in the world. None of this serves the interests of the American people or the world.


  3. I loved the quote that “America has no permanent allies or enemies, only permanent interests”.


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